What Are The Top-Rated Dog Boarding Facilities In The United States?

Best U.S. Dog Boarding Facilities

Are you looking for a reputable and professional dog boarding, or doggy daycare in the United States? It doesn’t matter whether you live on the East Coast or in the Pacific Northwest, there are many top-rated dog facilities throughout the United States.

Why Use A Dog Boarding Facility?

The primary reason people use a boarding facility for their furry friends is either because they are going on vacation, or they are going on a business trip. However, they often struggle with where they are going to leave their dog while they are away. Of course, you would prefer if your dog could travel with you, but that is not always possible.

The alternative to this dilemma is a boarding facility. The caring professionals will handle all of your dog’s needs such as feeding, walking and will even play with your dog. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is in good hands while you are away.

Pet boarding is not a new concept, but it has become more popular over the past few years as more people are traveling for business and for pleasure. Doggie daycare is also popular for those who need someone to look after their dog while they are at work or school. However, the question remains. How do you find a top-rated dog facility?

How To Choose A Dog Boarding Facility

Dog boarding facilities are in business to care for people’s pets. So, you want to know how they take care of the pets they are entrusted to keep safe until their owners return. You can do this in several ways. The first way you can do this is by conducting a simple Internet search and look for reviews from past clients.

Another option is to ask for a facility tour. During the tour, you can ask for an outline to see how they handle emergencies and other issues while ensuring pets’ safety. Boarding facilities for dogs should have an outside area where dogs can exercise and play, as well as a separate area for walking and running.

Many dog boarding facilities now have online monitoring systems. This means that you can log in to the system to check on your pet any time of the day or night.

With that being said, what are the top-rated dog boarding facilities in the United States?

Find Your Inner Dog Training

This is a Scottsdale dog boarding facility located in Arizona. Not only is it a boardingdog boarding Scottsdale facility, but it is also a training and rehabilitation center for dogs. These caring and experienced professionals work with dogs that have a variety of training/behavioral issues such as:

Excessive Barking

In addition to obedience and rehabilitation services, Find Your Inner Dog Training also provides boarding services. However, these services are considered second to none. Your dog will be pampered with massages, daily meals (including holiday meals with permission), snacks, treadmill and swimming lessons. You can follow them on their Find Your Inner Dog Facebook Page and learn more about customer reviews on the Find Your Inner Dog Scottsdale Dog Boarding Yelp page.

Barks And Recreation Doggie Daycare And Boarding

Located in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, Barks and Recreation offer Bark and Recreation boardingfull day care and boarding services for dogs. The facility is under new ownership and has been recently remodeled with an upgraded facility and new hours.

There are play areas both indoors and outdoors, and the facility also offers cage-free boarding, enclosures, and suites. Only dogs with updated vaccination records will be accepted. You can follow them on their Barks & Recreation Facebook Page and learn more about customer reviews on the Barks & Recreation Yelp page.

Dog Boarding In Myrtle Beach

Also known as the Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach is home to one of the top-rated dog facilities in the United States. At this facility, your dog is allowed to be a dog, and that includes romping, sleeping, playing and running.

There is staff on hand 24 hours a day so your dog will never be alone. Dog owners will love the affordable prices and dogs will enjoy the attention and love.

The facility is conveniently located for local residents who work late, and for visitors who want to explore the beach and can’t take their dog with them.

The facility will accept dogs with or without a reservation, and last minute drop-offs are no problem.

You can follow them on their Camp Bow WoW Facebook Page and learn more about customer reviews on the Camp Bow WoW Yelp page.

Camp Bow Wow Franchise

Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas

This is dog boarding with a unique twist. . This way they can socialize all day with dogs that have the same energy levels and body size as they do.

Dogs who are being boarded can also participate in the daycare activities with no additional charge. The only time they are in their luxurious and spacious bedrooms is for sleeping and for meals. Each camper includes a comfortable cot and clean bedding. You also have the option of watching your dog on the camper cam!

These are some of the best dog boarding facilities in the country. However, the facility you choose will be dependent on you and your dog’s needs. Always go with your instinct when making a decision. Chances are, if you like it, your dog will love it.