The Golden Post for BBU Dogs in a North Scottsdale Location

Hey everyone! This is an exciting day when we get to revisit this site and opportunity to start new with a vision of helping you, the pet owner.

We use the term pet owner cautiously because we know that for many folks who take the time to train and find a place to board their dogs while out of town, you are not just an owner, you are a puppy parent.

BBU dogs understands the love you have for your fur baby. We know that you want them well taken care of and loved while you are away and that is what we provide in our Scottsdale home where we board canines..

We also know that it is important to you to have well trained dogs both in the home in order to make them better companions, but also so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

So that is why we exist and that is why we have this site, so we can provide the tips and information you need to help train your dog and provide solutions for boarding. So stick around and we will take this four-legged friend walk together.

We will begin with information provided in the video below.

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